empowering informed financial decisions through seamless data integration and advanced analytics


yaribu offers three core services for optimized efficiency and excellence

optimal dataflow

Unlock the power of data with our secure cloud-based database solution, custom-built to suit your unique requirements, without any hassle of separate input software or systems. Our experts will fully align inputs to your existing data capturing process, ensuring you never lose any valuable information.

elevated reporting

Elevate your reporting with our fully connected database, empowering you and your clients with real-time insights from anywhere, at any time. Stay informed and ahead of the game with up-to-date reporting neatly integrated into your dataflow. Choose your preferred platform for reporting – be it Power BI, Excel, or your website – and watch your data come to life in a way that suits your unique needs.

advanced analytics

Unleash the potential of your data with our centralized approach that brings together all your data, including historical records. Experience the transformative power of integrated and in-depth analysis that will unlock invaluable insights for your business.

Testimonials of our solutions

Problem: Fragmented data in a very opaque market and inability to perform ad-hoc analytics to support a solid business case

  • Swift set-up of streamlined database
  • Interactive visualisations in PowerBI
  • Analytical platform to identify market trends
Thanks to yaribu I was able to convince my partners to move ahead of a $150m investment project that will be both profitable and good for the environment

Problem: Lack of central research platform, with data scattered across teams

  • Streamlined dataflows
  • Set-up APIs to external research
We now have all our data live and stored in one place and are confident we can grow our analytics to the next level

Problem: Data scattered and unsynchronised leading to reporting errors, inefficiencies in duplicating work and loss of opportunities

  • Direct database feeds from portfolio companies
  • Online ESG questionnaire
  • Business Intelligence platform
  • Automated portfolio, fund and ESG reporting in excel and PowerBI
Using yaribu reduced costs on external reporting in excess of €100k per annum and saved the need to invest in external tools that do not provide the same suit of capabilities

Problem: Multiple reports and market data to reconcile, with need to translate to external reporting

  • Automated position reconciliation
  • Live risk assessment
  • Individual reports to specified investors
  • Analytical platform to identify market opportunities
Thanks to yaribu I have all my insights available in my trusted excel sheets and have saved tons of time to focus on the markets and new strategies to grow our profitability

Meet the people behind yaribu

Marijke Scheerder

Business Intelligence

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Bob Kuijpers

Data Science

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